Monday, December 14, 2015

­Agustin Lara
Art 451
December 11, 2015
Prof. Delappe

            Our exhibition was awesome; there is no other word I would rather use for it. After seeing mine actually setup I wish I would’ve had the money to do a little bit more with it, but everyone else’s works were amazing.  Some of my favorite works were Patrick’s Environmental piece, Allie’s Newspaper, and Skye’s Starbucks performance.  What I found really interesting was that we as an audience had to push the button in order for something to change which puts the whole “Human footprint” in a new perspective.  Your actions affect everything around you and this project truly portrays that.  The newspaper was hilarious; the stories that were written made the actual paper look like a joke.  This school is spending money like crazy and when it seems like they’re going to spend it spontaneously it makes it seem absurd. Skye’s piece was just very well put together; the environment, the people, and the workers just brought this piece together very well.  People’s reactions to his performance were exactly what I thought they would be, is what happened.  I would really like to do something like this again.

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