Monday, December 14, 2015

Art 451 Problems in Digital Media
Fall 2015

In order for us to be able to be well prepared for the presentation of your class project, it is crucial that you fill out this form as accurately as possible!

YOUR NAME(S): Agustin Lara           


MEDIUM: Prints, audio, possibly video

DESCRIPTION: 100 words max
(Please provide a brief text description/statement about the work, this will be used for the program for the event that will be provided to the audience and may be used for pre-publicity purposes.  Feel free to add any additional information or comments after each answer as needed.)   The piece is wrapped by the topic of immigration, including personal installations, to pieces that involve well known celebrities and their past with illegal immigration.  There will also be an audio portion to accompany this work, which will be narrating my mother’s immigration story as well as my cousin’s.

PREFERED SPACE: (what type of environment is ideal for the presentation of your work? Gallery, street, hallway, stage, do you require lighting, darkness
I was walking through the Fitzgerald building and noticed a nice railing that runs along the second floor and I would love to hang my pieces there.

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS that may assist us in best presenting your work:  (be very specific, computers, speakers, headphones, projectors, cables, power strip, extension cords, etc. Also let us know if you are providing any of the equipment necessary for your work)

Honestly all I need is some string to hold up my images.

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