Monday, December 14, 2015

Agustin Lara
Art 451
December 11, 2015
Prof. Delappe
Yes Men Are Revolting

            I was really interested in watching this film especially after the first one.  The Yes Men are an amazing political activist group that takes matters into their own hands no matter the cost, even if it means getting sued by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  I liked that this film showed more of their personal lives and the toll their work takes on not only them but their families as well.  Not only being more personal the acts they performed in this film were far more extreme than the ones they did in the first film, like pretending to be a U.S. Chamber of Commerce representative and then being caught halfway through a press conference.  Of course the Chamber wasn’t to pleased and decided to take legal action, however after their “stunt” went public the chamber dropped their case and even had a change of heart.  It only takes a small group of men who are willing to do the most in order to get change, if we all had half the incentive they had we could get a lot more change in every aspect we want.  After watching the film I honestly wanted to find out what I could do to make a difference, to make an effort and see it succeed must be rewarding as well as living your normal life as a professor as well.

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